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THE ULTIMATE  AntiAging - FaceLift TREATMENT - $160

This AntiAging - FaceLift Treatment, combine my favorite modalities in one single treatment !


FSD Micro-photo Therapy (Thermal Energy)

. Ultrasound Eye enhancer (No needlee


Celluma LED Light Therapy

All these modalities folowing with a serums and moisturizer rich in amino-acids and peptides ingredients to enhance the treatment results.

This is the perfect treatment that will stimulate circulation, firm, tone, plump, hydrate and even skin tone while leaving you with a healthy glow. You will notice tightening effects immediately after your session, but more significant improvement will occur gradually over a period of several weeks as the skin omogenizes and new collagen forms.

Micro-photo therapy with non- abrasive, safe and effective skin rejuvenation treatment !! Flashes of Light and Heat Energy (LHE) penetrate into the skin to promote a natural healing response and to minimize the signs of aging like fines lines and wrinkles, vascular and pigmented lesions.

DURATION: 1h 30min - $160

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